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The People of Luhansk are suffering the great burden of war without electricity, heat and light

  • Raising money IMMEDIATELY is the greatest challenge Ukraine Power faces overthefirstworkingyear.
  • Local sources report that in the Luhansk Region,90% of Public Utilities are Down due to Russian bombs
  • The ravages of harsh winter have arrived, and people are freezing to death daily in the Luhansk region.
  • Without electricity, other utilities like water purification systems and sewage do not function.
  • In Ukraine we coordinate directly with the Governor of Luhansk’s office to understand regional power needs.
  • Internationally, Ukraine Power purchases equipment directly in Europe.We are a working partner with Ukrainian Action, a UK-based NGO. This enables Ukraine Power to maximize every donation’s power to provide urgently needed, life saving equipment at the best price, and following established delivery routes.
  • Domestically Ukraine Power partners with organizations like the Renew Democracy Initiative to better spread our mission across multiple messaging platforms, bringing their knowledge and networks into our actions.
  • Mostly by word of mouth, to date, the initiative has raised $30,000 of our initial immediate goal of $350,000. 
  • The founders and board at Ukraine Power understand that launching this initiative is taking a risk. There is no alternative. Ukraine’s Democracy must not fail.The people of Ukraine deserve world attention and assistance.
  • We understand that the war against Ukraine is a precursor to further Russian aggression aimed at Europe.
  • The Russian strategy to freeze out the civilian populations in Ukraine is a crime against humanity.The actions ofUkraine Power area strategic resistance to this afront.Please help us stand against tyranny and oppression.

Do what’s in YOUR power to help!

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