Ukraine Power Update:

Since our first fundraiser on December 4, we have delivered the items on the list below. The requested items are provided to us by the Luhansk government. The list is updated constantly, and changes depending on the specific needs of the region. The current priority is to set up local ‘hubs’ for displaced people. These locations will have power, heat, light and will also have food provided by the local government. Our next delivery will be for items designed to support these hubs, and will contain powerbanks (which can be used to charge phones and laptops), rechargeable lanterns, WiFi hotspots (so that people can access the internet), and a portable projector, so that children can watch movies and cartoons.

-46 generators, 3-6Kw

-130 heaters

-70 Propane cookstoves

-70 Propane tanks

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