Update February 3, 2023

Deliveries continue to arrive. We just purchased 2 more generators (for a total of 47!), 72 rechargeable lamps, 40 propane cookstoves (and propane tanks), 40 large powerbank batteries (to allow people to recharge phones/laptops), 30 WiFi hotspots (to allow people internet access), more heaters, more propane, and 1 portable projector, so children can watch movies. The Luhansk government is setting up ‘hubs’ all across the country where refugees from Luhansk can come for heat, light, hot food and access to communication. We have delivered to 11 of these sites so far. Grateful residents have send us many many photos and videos, and we’re looking for a way to make them widely available. In the meantime, here are just a few pictures of people taking advantage of the wonderful generosity of all our donors. Thank you again, and spread the word!

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